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Remyline BloodLine is probably the most sought after bloodline amongst pitbulls of today. Remyline Bloodline is based on the strain of one dog and that is Remy Martin owned by Fabian Chichester. Fabian purchased Remy Martin for $500 and a treadmill. Im sure he had no idea that an empire was in the works for him & Remy. After breeding Remy to his dog Bella, and seeing what he could produce Remyline Bloodline was born. Remy Martin was able to produce the same look that set him apart from other pitbulls in remarkable fashion. Today Remyline has evolved into an empire of true pitbull lovers that wear the phrase ONE DOG ONE LINE proudly, on hats, T-shirts, dog collars & more. Today, one of Fabian & Remy's greatest accomplishments is the RKC, now you can register your dogs with the RKC as well as get RLC certifications. RKC of course stands for Remy Kennel Club which includes many events, RKC shows etc... I'd like to take this time again to thank you for stopping by. Hopefully BanguilBrand Pitbulls can help you make one of our beautiful puppies a part of your family. ALSO- the dogs on this page are not owned by BBP. This is  a collection of dogs that are beautiful and have Remyline Blood pumping through their veins.

Banguil Brand


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