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Banguil Brand Pits is a family owned kennel, all of our dogs are raised as family as well. Here at Banguil Brand Buillies, we breed for Temperament, Agility, Intelligence, and Beauty.  We have been breeding for over 8 years now, specializing in dogs that are great companions moreso than colors & size of head etc... We want beautiful dogs that are family oriented more than anything else within this breed. Our kennel is small, we regularly dont produce more than three litters per year in order to do our part in helping to control over population, abandonement, dog fighting, and other things that have negative impacts on our beloved breed.

While it is a fact that any dog can be dangerous, I must say that the pitbull requires a special owner. The pitbull requires an owner that will take a little time to get to know the history of the breed. I highly recommend that you purchase a pitbull/bully that has a recorded pedigree.You have to understand how important it is to know where your dog comes from, doing so will make you a responsible owner ,and help us avoid dangerous situations within the breeds behavior. In a nutshell, knowing the difference between having a dog that comes from a show, or sport background which means good food and exercise etc... were essential in his production vs a dog that comes from a line of fighting, abuse and a lot of times fed gun powder & different experimental things to make them more aggressive, could be the information needed to help avoid any tragic events. Knowledge is key with this breed .






Remyline/RE blood

These first two videos will tell a ton

about Remyline & The American Bully


Banguil Brand


For more info contact Eric Banguil at 2488054333 or


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